Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A card for 2 grieving boys...

Hi everyone,

One of the things I enjoy most about cardmaking is that you can be creative and share a card with loved ones. Most of the cards are for happy occasions like a birthday or an anniversary or even a graduation. But there are also sympathy cards that mark the passing of a loved one. Those cards are hard...you try to make them beautiful because you want to honor the memory of someone who was beautiful to a family...but they're still difficult to make.

About a week or so ago, a news story was reported about a young mom who had traveled to Turkey alone on her "dream trip". Her name was Sarai Sierra. She was a photographer from NY--the state where I was raised--and she was a mother of two young boys. Her boys are aged 11 and 9. Mine are 11 and 8. I saw the picture of her all over facebook and on the news and felt bad that, at the time, she was missing. Little did I know that my brother went to school with her uncle. In fact, I have a lot of friends who know this girl's uncle. Her uncle studied theology with my brother. Like I said, I felt sad that she was missing...but when the news came out that she'd been found murdered, my heart broke for her family--and especially for her little boys. I truly can't imagine how hard it must be to tell your children that their parent is gone.

So, tonight I'm sharing the card I'm sending to the kids. I have an address for the uncle who has promised to pass on the card. If you are interested in making a card also, just let me know and I can provide the address.
Like I said, how do you even begin to make a card like this?! I figured I'd focus on the kids and just make a cutesy card that opens up and reads "sending caring thoughts your way". It's just my small way of letting these kids know they're being thought of and prayed for.

Let's all hug our kids a bit tighter tonight,


  1. awesome idea. I will see what I can come up with in the next few days to send to the boys.

    1. That would be great! I'm sure the family would appreciate it. Once your card is done, email me at nhorbyc@yahoo.com and I'll send you the uncle's address.

      Thanks so much!


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