Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day card

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday where they get to celebrate their dads or hubbies. We spent quite a bit of time outdoors on Sat. afternoon and all "men" in my household were fast asleep before 9:30--which meant, time to play!

I wanted to make my husband a special card from the kids. He's such a great dad and such a blessing that I wanted to really make something that would be meaningful to him. Here's the card that's sure to make him smile... So, to start off, I know this looks like a hand on some pattern paper with a simple father's day greeting. Well, it kindda is...but the handprint is from our youngest son's gloves. I traced the glove on to the paper and then cut out 2 handprints.

When you open the card, you'll find this message. It says "I love you this much". However, I crossed out the "I" and put "we". This expression is one that my husband and I used all the time when we were dating and newlyweds. Since we were long-distance for a few months before the wedding, we'd sign our emails using this expression and I thought it'd be cool to let the kids in on it. He will open the card and find the two hands joined together by an accordion fold and the sentiment that always meant so much to us.

Since he won't open it for a few hours, I went ahead and added some twine to keep it closed. Can't wait to see his face tomorrow when he sees the card that has his son's hands on it and the expression we both love...and I even used his favorite color--orange! :)

Happy Father's Day to you and yours...

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  1. What a cute and awesome idea, Pat!!! I'm sure Manlio loved it!!! :D


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